5 Tips on Keeping IT Professionals Happy

by Danielle Foster

When it comes to employee retention, tech companies have some of the highest turnover rates of any industry.  The key to a successful business means ensuring that your employees are well taken care of. Here are 5 tips to keep IT professionals happy.

  1. Develop a great corporate culture where employees enjoy their work

Finding employees who will feel a strong bond with your company starts with creating an environment that attracts those employees. Your company culture should match the type of employee you want to employ, whether you opt for a by-the-book, strict workplace or a more casual, laid-back atmosphere.

  1. Keep your brand, software and equipment fresh and evolving

According to entrepreneur.com one of the top complaints today’s workers have is outdated hardware and technology. Show your employees that you care about them and their ability to do their jobs well by arming them with tools and technology delivered through multi-tenant, public cloud systems — the ones that do the best job of keeping current with consumer-grade standards.

  1. Maintain your social media presence, as a large population of techies flock to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook
  2. Keep your managers engaged with professional development and training on the latest tech trends

Keep your employees updated, and make sure they’re fully aware of the different certification, training and education options available to them. To encourage employees to take advantage of additional education programs, many organizations offer partial or complete tuition reimbursement and/or time off work to complete courses and schooling.

Providing your workers with consistent access to professional development opportunities will create an environment where education and learning are valued.

  1. Support employee innovation

A great way to include your techies in making an impact towards the company, is allowing them to use their skills and expertise to innovate.

Allowing them to try new methods and test run them together will teach the team what works and what doesn’t. It helps them to better understand company challenges and encourages growth.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic, U.S. Department of Labor, there was a 3%, or 82,000, IT employee turnover rate in April of 2018.

Keeping IT professionals happy does not have to be difficult. Utilizing the 5 tips above is a great start to ensure retention of your IT professionals. If you need help finding these professionals Artizen Staffing is here to help.

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