Candidate Perspective: Why Working With a Staffing Agency is Worth It?

by Cayla Nava

Why work with a staffing agency

It can be difficult to find a job that pays well, that you enjoy, that has good benefits and a short commute time. Sometimes just sending your resume out is not enough to find that perfect job. At times it can be helpful to go to a company or business you used to work for, or ask friends, acquaintances, or family members for help finding jobs. But arguably one of the best ways to find the right job for yourself is to work with a staffing agency. We have compiled some helpful hints as to why it is totally worth it to work with a staffing agency as they can ultimately help you find your dream job!

For people who do not know, a staffing agency works on behalf of a company to find temporary or permanent employees for positions the company needs filled. The agency is responsible for searching for candidates, vetting candidates, and eventually getting people hired. If you think about it, staffing agencies can be your golden ticket to employment.

One of the best aspects of working with a staffing agency is that you will have someone to bounce ideas off of that can help you be seen in the best light possible for interviews. Whether that’s by giving you valuable feedback about your resume, coaching you on interviewing must do’s and techniques or giving you the insider scoop on the culture and personnel at the places where you will interview, you’ll get the help you need to win at interviewing. You will be surrounded by a team of people who are very interested in getting you employed. Here at Artizen Staffing, located in Rohnert Park, California, we are dedicated and committed to combining great people with great companies. That is our motto, and we make sure that every candidate that comes to us receives an opportunity to get the job or position they covet.

Another important aspect of working with a staffing agency is you can work temporarily while still job searching. Even if you don’t see the position you hold during a temporary job as your life’s calling, it can provide a valuable source of income while you continue the search for your dream job. Also, you can specify to the staffing agency that you would prefer jobs with lower time commitments, so that you can use the extra time to continue the application process. All in all, the process of finding a new job will be cushioned by the fact that you can still work while you search for that coveted perfect job.

Something that is also quite important to think about is that your temporary job may actually lead to employment. Not all companies hire staffing agencies only for temporary placements. For some companies and businesses, hiring employees who are temporary at first is a way of vetting them before taking them on as a permanent employee at the company. In addition, some businesses hire staffing agencies to fill permanent positions from the beginning. However, do not expect a temporary job to automatically turn into a full-time position. If you do realize that you want to work permanently at the company you’ve been temping for, try to clarify that with management early on. Also, it is very important to make clear, by your actions, your skills and work drive. Show the company that you are here to stay and are ready to do whatever it takes to make that company even more successful than it already is.

There are also plenty of skill-building opportunities that can be had at the helm of a temporary jobs. They can be a valuable opportunity to quickly build resume-boosting skills. The skills you learn after a few months on the job can leverage you into your next, permanent job. Whether it is learning how to use a new software or honing your analytical prowess, these skills can help you when you get on the job market again. Make sure to match the agency you work with to the type of skills you’d like to build. It would probably be in your best interest to research which are the best agencies for your type of work and your level of job as well.

Staffing agencies often have faster turnaround times than regular jobs do. When companies hire a staffing agency, they are usually looking for the position to be filled as soon as possible. Since the staffing company is also in a contract with the company to fill the position, the staffing agency’s goal is to fill the position in a timely manner. While it may take weeks to even hear back about an interview after sending in an application to a company itself, staffing agencies speedily and efficiently get positions filled.

One of the best and most rewarding reasons to work with a staffing agency is simply because the contacts you make, you can keep. Working temporarily can help you make contacts in a company or an industry. Even if you are stationed somewhere for a very short time, make it your mission to reach out to fellow employees at the company and network. Even if the company you are stationed at does not have any open positions, your colleagues may have insider knowledge about open jobs in similar companies. There are infinite possibilities to where a strong network will lead you in the career and job universe.

Finally, a great reason to work with a staffing agency is you can flexibly explore different work environments. For some people, it can be hard to find a job because you are not quite sure what is the right job for you. But when you work with a staffing agency, you can get exposure to many jobs and industries in a short amount of time. And when you do apply to jobs, you can speak from experience about what you really love about working in that industry. Overall, it is a very positive and helpful experience working with a staffing agency, and we hope you consider it the next time you are looking for a new job.

Artizen Staffing is here to find the right jobs for the right people and with us by your side you are guaranteed to find the best position for you in the industry you belong in! Check out our open positions here.