Recruiting Trends For 2019 

by Danielle Foster

It’s no secret that finding and recruiting top talent has been a source of concern for most companies. The overall way we recruit has changed compared to just a few years ago, candidates now have far more power during the job search. According to research conducted by the MRI Network, the current job market is 90% candidate driven. That means you don’t pick talent, talent picks you.

Therefore, there is a major shift going on in the recruiting paradigm. It’s simple, the focus is now on candidates. This change in paradigm has brought forward a whole new set of recruiting tends. Below we have highlighted the top five most important recruiting trends to be aware of for 2019.

Recruiting trend number 1: Recruitment Marketing 

According to Talent Lyft, recruitment marketing is an overview of different processes used for building and communicating organization’s Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition. The goal of every recruitment marketing element is to attract and hire top talent. 

Recruitment marketing was originally introduced as a response to the current situation in the labor market. Its main goal is to follow the latest market trends and offer solutions to the companies that help overcome these new challenges.

Recruiting trend number 2: Inbound Marketing 

Inbound recruiting is how your company can attract, engage and hire top talent in today’s current labor market. As we have mentioned, finding top talent is hard. Globally business leaders list hiring as their top concern over both revenue and customer growth. Inbound marketing is a strategy used to proactively and continually attract candidates with a goal to make them choose you as their next employer. Simply reaching out and offering an open position is no longer the most effective way to hire a log-term employee.

Recruiting trend number 3: Employer Branding 

According to the Harvard Business Review the term “employer brand” was first defined in the mid-1990s: it denoted an organization’s reputation as an employer, as opposed to its more general corporate brand reputation. Building a strong employer brand first became a major focus of activity between 2004 and 2008, when in response to the growing competition for talent, leading companies like Unilever, Shell and P&G began to apply the same focus and consistency to their employer branding as they applied to their corporate and consumer branding. 

Innovative employer branding ideas are essential for building a strong and attractive employer brand.

Recruiting trend number 4: Candidate Experience 

Candidate experience is defined as your candidates’, current, past and future, overall perception of your company and the recruiting process. Improving this experience was one of the top 2018 priorities for employers and continues to be top of mind for 2019.

Recruiting trend number 5: Talent Pools 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, talent pools are groups of employees who are being trained and developed to assume greater responsibilities within the organization. Often these people are passive candidates, not actively looking for a new role, but would be prepared to have a conversation if you come to them with the right opportunity.

Imagine if every time you had a job opening, you had a pool of talent from which you can pick the best one. This is the main reason to build and maintain a high-quality candidate database for current and future needs.

Taking your recruiting strategy to a whole new level in 2019 is as easy as contacting us at Artizen Staffing. With the field of human resources continuously developing and changing it is more effective to partner with our knowledgeable recruiting team to help you find the perfect fit for your company.

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