Author: Danielle Foster

You’ve worked hard to become your company’s subject matter expert.  In order to continue to be so, you have to be committed to continuing education and become adept at leveraging professional networks. Go back to college and take refresher courses or courses in new subject matter necessary to your being able to excel at your […]

As we enter 2020, the idea of remote flexibility is increasingly popular among candidates and employees. In the modern workforce, many companies are implementing regular remote work policies. A survey by Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs found that remote work has grown 91% over the last 10 years. If you currently allow or are considering […]

According to Merriam-Webster: indispensable is defined as absolutely necessary: ESSENTIAL. Whether you realize it or not, employees are typically dropped into two buckets by employers; people who employers consider to be indispensable employees and thus essential to running their businesses and those that are not.  During economic difficulties, companies turn to this list to determine […]

A new job isn’t just about getting hired — it’s about finding a match that’s right for both you and your prospective boss. Many candidates feel that they are not in a position to be picky about who they work with. But remember, as the adage goes, people leave managers not companies —and that’s especially […]

Male Perspective

I think it’s an understatement to say that Men and Women think differently than one another.  Early in my career I observed a few things about men and when working with them. I knew that if I understood how they interacted and then acted in a way that was familiar to them, my odds were […]

ROHNERT PARK, California January 14, 2020 Artizen Staffing today announced that Floyd Given, has joined Artizen Staffing as their new Chief Sales Officer and newest addition to their Board of Directors. Given, through his own efforts and that of the team he leads, will provide excellence in the Artizen Staffing customer sales experience by clearly […]

The holidays are over and employees are now coming back to work feeling energized about what the New Year has to offer. These first couple of weeks are the perfect time to hold your 2020 kickoff meeting. This is a great way to set expectations  and build rapport with employees. Adam Honig, co-founder and CEO […]

CEO Spotloght

You’ve become the subject matter expert in your field at your company and now you’re being asked to lead a team of others. In addition to leading by example and building plans for your team, as you progress in your career it will be critically important to develop excellent interpersonal management skills. Developing these skills […]

Our last post contrasted a Growth Mindset with a Fixed Mindset. People with a growth mindset believe that dedication and hard work can develop or enhance skills, talent and intelligence. Those with a fixed mindset, on the other hand, believe that all they have to work with are the intelligence and innate talents they acquired […]

Fraud Alert

It has come to our attention that false recruiters with fake Indeed job postings are luring job-seekers desiring to work from home into cashing checks on their behalf. Once the candidate cashes the check they are then being asked to buy dollars in excess of the check amount in gift cards and giving these false […]