Scam Alert: False Recruiters with Fake Job Posting on Indeed Tried to Catfish Us, Here’s What to Look Out For

by Danielle Foster

Fraud Alert

It has come to our attention that false recruiters with fake Indeed job postings are luring job-seekers desiring to work from home into cashing checks on their behalf. Once the candidate cashes the check they are then being asked to buy dollars in excess of the check amount in gift cards and giving these false recruiters the codes on the back.  They try to gain trust with their potential victims by impersonating legitimate people at real companies with jobs that seem to be real. Unfortunately, within the last month, there have been individuals impersonating people here at Artizen Staffing including our CEO, Rosanna Hayden.

Watch Out For These Red Flags

  1. If the email communications you receive from a potential employer are misspelt and/or seriously grammatically incorrect they are likely a scammer.
  2. Artizen Staffing, like most other employers do not hire through text messaging, Google Hangouts or e-mail communication alone. Make sure you meet or at the very least are in voice communication with someone from the company who claims they will be your employer.
  3. Companies do not hire without arranging to have an I-9 document completed in person by a company agent.  If you haven’t been asked to provide I-9 information proving that you are authorized to work in the United States and a company agent hasn’t viewed your information in person, then the entity may well be a scammer.
  4. Employers typically do not start the employment relationship by sending you a check to cash on their behalf and/or asking you to buy things for them especially if the amounts are in excess of the check value.  Beware of any employer asking you to do so.
  5. Artizen Staffing always conducts a background check on potential hires.  If you have received a job offer from Artizen Staffing without being asked to complete a background check, then you are working with a scammer

If you are a job seeker that has received an email from an Artizen Staffing employee that seems to be a SCAM, please call our office at 707 595-5998 to confirm.