Land a New Job Without Leaving Home

by Danielle Foster

Due to the Coronoavirus, in-person meetings are temporarily off-limits, so job seekers have been thrown a huge curveball. And this applies not just to those without a current job, like new graduates or the temporarily unemployed, but also to any professionals who are concerned about their employer’s continued viability even after the immediate crisis has passed. They may also find themselves on the hunt for a new role. According to the latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report for the week ending March 14, Californians filed 58,208 initial claims for jobless benefits — an unprecedented jump of 34% in just one week and, for further perspective, up a breathtaking 42% over the same week last year.

Whatever a current job seeker’s individual situation, the prospect of trying to go through the hiring process without ever meeting your new employer face to face and without leaving your home presents big questions.

Artizen Staffing has good news for people in this situation. Although your job search might look unfamiliar, we are here to help you navigate it. Below are some best practices to follow.

  1. Be comfortable — or, through practice — get comfortable doing video interviews

With a Shelter in Place order in effect, phone and video interviews are the only way to connect with potential new employers. Check out our earlier blog post: 8 Tips to Prepare for a Video Interview

  1. Harness your online network

Even though conferences, workshops and networking events are, for the time being, no longer taking place, you can reach out to the broad network of people you know — many of whom are probably familiar with your professional qualifications — via social media. Use platforms like LinkedIn for endorsements and recommendations. If you haven’t yet LinkedIn with people you know (off line or on another online platform), now is the time. Don’t be shy. Don’t delay. Get comfortable with virtual networking.

  1. Take advantage of the assistance that specialists can offer

Because staffing agencies like Artizen Staffing are up to date on the current job market and trending workforce needs, they can make your job search a lot easier. They have close connections with local employers, often hearing of open jobs before they’re posted publicly, if they’re advertised at all. Once recruiters like us know your skill set and work preferences, they can recommend you directly to hiring managers.

  1. Treat every typed, audio and video interaction as if you’re all together in the same room

Even though working from home might seem to offer the luxury of lounging on the couch in your PJs, always be prepared for the person at the other end of the phone call to suggest turning that interaction into a Skype or Facetime call or a Zoom conference. So comb or brush your hair, shave (if you’re a guy) and — at least from the waist up — be dressed professionally.

Bottom line: Use all the channels at your disposal to get in touch and stay in touch. And remember, the two most important factors in all online job searches and remote work are communication and professionalism.